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The 2 burning questions for everyone…

What is Crossfit?

CrossFit is defined as “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.” Let’s take a look at each piece to give you a better picture of what CrossFit really means:

CONSTANTLY VARIED — Constantly varying workouts from day to day means your body doesn’t get to adapt. When workouts always change, your body doesn’t have a chance to get used to what it’s doing. (As a side benefit, your brain doesn’t get bored either.) Constant variation is one of the main reasons CrossFit effectively gets results and is the key to avoiding the dreaded fitness plateau.

HIGH INTENSITY — Here, we need to clarify a few things. A large number of misconceptions and stereotypes about CrossFit come from the wrong definition of intensity. A lot of folks hear “intensity” and think “grunting, yelling, and looking like a vein in your neck is about to pop.” That is not intensity. It may be the result of intensity at times, but that is not how CrossFit defines intensity. Real intensity is power. And power is defined as force, multiplied by distance, divided by time. In a workout, this translates to load (most weight possible), multiplied by the path or movement (longest distance or most reps possible), divided by time (least amount possible), while maintaining proper technique and form.

FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS — The word “functional” is defined as “having or serving a utilitarian purpose; capable of serving the purpose for which it was designed.” A functional movement is a movement a human body was built for; it is a safe and natural movement we use in everyday life — like pulling yourself up, squatting, or deadlifting. Functional movements do NOT include standing one-legged on a Bosu doing bicep curls. Functional movements do NOT include using a machine to hold you in place to isolate one muscle while you execute a movement that ends up leaving your body with useless, unbalanced strength. Functional movements also promote hormonal and neurological responses which lead to better health and real strength, agility, flexibility, and core stability.

The functional movements of CrossFit cover 10 fitness modalities, and our workouts (including warm-ups) ensure a balance across all ten.

  1. Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance: the body’s ability to gather, process, and deliver oxygen
  2. Stamina: the body’s ability to process, deliver, use, and store energy
  3. Strength: a muscular unit’s ability to apply force
  4. Flexibility: a joint’s ability to maximize range of motion
  5. Power: a muscular unit’s ability to apply maximum force in minimum time
  6. Speed: the ability to perform a repeated movement in minimal time
  7. Coordination: being capable of combining multiple, distinct movement patterns into one distinct movement
  8. Agility: transitioning from one movement pattern to another in minimal time
  9. Balance: control of the body’s center of gravity placement in relation to its support base
  10. Accuracy: being capable of controlling a movement at a given intensity or in a given direction

How do we accomplish all of this? Through pushing, pulling, climbing, jumping, running, rowing, various weight implements, and using the body in ways you may never have before. Our hands-on coaches walk you through each step in each class, ensuring you not only perform things correctly, but you push yourself out of complacency.

Beyond the physical, CrossFit pushes you to condition your mental toughness and endurance. You will meet new people, build relationships, and share the camaraderie and satisfaction of finishing a brutal workout together. No more antisocial treadmills staring at a wall.

Can I do Crossfit?

The short answer… Absolutely. CrossFit is designed to be scalable and work for everyone. Whether you’re a 65-year-old grandmother that’s never worked out a day your life and just wants to lose weight or and 18 year old with hopes of going to the CrossFit Games, YOU can do CrossFit.

No matter who you are, we start you out learning the movements, focusing on form, technique and safety. As you become more proficient and confident, we slowly increase the weight and intensity.  Most who start CrossFit see drastic changes in as little as 2 months.

Why doesn’t everyone do it? While we can provide you with the instruction on how to move correctly and the workouts and environment to do them in, many struggle with the mental game that goes along with CrossFit.

We don’t pull any punches. CrossFit is tough no matter how we scale the movements and workouts. It’s meant to be that way.  While we will ease you in to it, the first week and a half you’ll be very sore as your body adjust to moving in ways it hasn’t in some time. It takes a determination and internal mental drive to do the workouts and stick with the program at the outset until it becomes a habit.

The rewards are well worth the work. If you’ve been stuck and unable to reach your fitness goals, CrossFit WILL get you there. How badly you want to accomplish those goals determines if you’ll be successful with CrossFit classes.

So, why Crossfit Kaiju?

It’s our community

One of the things we’re most proud of is out fun, friendly and inviting CrossFit community. Regardless of age, gender, race or background, everyone is welcomed as soon as they walk in the door.  We don’t tolerate arrogance or poor attitudes. 

You’ll quickly find that other members introduce themselves on their own and offer advice and help – they all were once in your shoes.  The comradery with fellow members dusted with a bit of friendly competition in the workouts will help to push you.

We regularly hold social events. Whether it’s a group hiking Crowder’s Mountain on a Sunday morning, a CrossFit Kaiju night out at a Knights baseball game or cheering on other members competing at a CrossFit competition, there are always events happening to spend time with friends and the community.

And our coaches

We have a rigorous selection process for our coaches. First, all of our coaches start out as members.  As they learn and interact, we find the members that have a passion and proficiency for CrossFit and fitness in general.  Those interested in coaching go on to get the CrossFit Level 1 certification.

Once we’ve check the box on skills and proficiency, we select our coaches based on their ability to work with others, their humility and personality.  All of our coaches can adapt their coaching style and approach when working with a broad spectrum of personalities, ages, genders and ability.

If you get a chance to go through our reviews online, you’ll quickly see that most mention our coaches. Our coaches are approachable, knowledgeable and actually make working out fun.

That has people saying things like this…

 “Joining Kaiju was the best decision I made 4 months ago! I had reached a plateau in my daily exercise routine, and was getting bored; so I gave CrossFit Kaiju a try and loved the challenge! I highly recommend this gym to anyone of any level. The coaches are awesome! Since I have been there, I have seen significant fitness improvements. Thanks, Kaiju!”


 “Everything about CrossFit Kaiju is amazing! The coaches, facility, equipment, members and social aspect are the best out of any gym around! It is rare that you find coaches (and even other members) that will go out of their way, before or after class, to give pointers and help with questions/movements. Aside from the regular WODS – included in your membership is Olympic lifting, gymnastics and endurance classes which I’ve seen other CF gyms charge to attend. I would highly recommend Kaiju!”


 “I love everything about Kaiju. Every workout is easily tailored to any fitness level, so you can start from nothing or be a professional and never outgrow this gym. I’ve never felt out of place; all of the coaches truly show an interest in my growth without demeaning my current (lack of) skill. It’s an environment where you feel like part of the team, while constantly reaching your own personal records. I can’t recommend it enough!”


“Not going to lie…for me it was intimidating to join CrossFit Kaiju. Two reasons why, I felt that you had to be in pretty good shape to start and the second is that I have had lower back surgery in the past for a herniated disc. My wife had been working out at CrossFit Kaiju for a while. The YMCA is where I had been working out prior to joining and it was just a stagnant feeling at the Y. So, I finally joined and it has been three months going strong. Everyone is great. The coaches are awesome and extremely knowledgeable. My lower back has felt the best since my mid-twenties. I was also scared that I would lose muscle strength BUT after three months, I have never been as strong. Preforming exercises and lifts, that I was convinced I would never be able to do again, due to my lower back. But under the watch of the coaches they helped push me through these mental roadblocks. Thanks to CrossFit Kaiju for their awesome workouts and fantastic coaches. “


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