• An Anniversary Anyone Can Celebrate

    Anniversaries are often a chance for people to indulge in celebrations with our loved ones. Whether it is going out to have a few drinks with friends, or treating ourselves to delectable feasts full of ice cream or cake. Few and far between are the individuals that put themselves through a workout, and consider it a celebration, unless the workout helped them lose a total of 50 lbs within one short year.

    In this moment, we aren’t talking about any normal anniversary, but a particular CrossFit Kaiju celebration. Mary Robertson recently celebrated her one year anniversary with us, at CrossFit Kaiju. Within this past year, she has accomplished more than most will in a lifetime.

    What did Mary do for her most recent birthday, at the age of 70? Yes folks, I just publicly admitted how old she is, but only to show even more how proud I am of her. She is a true example that proves age has no limits. On the day of her birthday, Mary was at the gym at 7 p.m., much like she always is on Mondays. Upon her arrival, she explained that there were no other place she would rather ring in her birthday at, than at Kaiju with her ReBoot class. Our Reboot class at Kaiju involves a lower impact style workout than standard CrossFit classes. Simply put, there is little use of barbells, with light dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls all of which are commonly used as weight implements.

    How does Mary describe her experience over the past year?

    “When I completed the first Reboot class, I was hooked on the program! This has saved my life in that I am now the healthiest I’ve been in years. Believe me, I have tried many different workout programs and diets, but this has been by far, the best I have ever done. The coaches have been instrumental in my journey. They have all been very caring, helpful, and encouraging every step of the way. My classmates and I have formed a special bond, that of which is wonderful and rewarding within itself.”

    What does a typical Reboot class consist of? How can we make this a good fit for anyone?

    Short and sweet here, we first run our clients through a full warm-up to get blood flowing and heart-rates up. We have a segment of our warm-up that focuses on flexibility. After the warm-up, our clients participate in the strength portion of the class. A movement that we work to improve on often is known as the deadlift. I’ll stop here for a moment.


    Everyone knows what they are, but how many can appropriately and safely perform the movement. Traditionally performed with a barbell, a deadlift can be seen in daily lifestyle movements, even outside of the gym. It’s a movement that requires one lift an object off of the ground to one’s hips and then lowered again back to the ground. Deadlifts may sound intimidating but the movement is actually incredibly common and used when picking something, anything, up off of the floor. It requires a hinge of the hip, a slight bend in the knee, and a return to standing. How can this be related to everyday life?

    Mary has a three-year old grandson, and let’s be honest… who can find a toddler that isn’t constantly asking to be held? Now, post-Reboot, how would Mary pick up her three-year old grandson? She’d start with a deadlift! Mary says, “I am now able to enjoy my three-year old grandson. Because I am stronger and healthier, I now feel that I am able to keep up with him.”

    After the strength portion of class comes the “MetCon,” the CrossFit term for Metabolic Conditioning, or otherwise known as the “cardio” portion. The skills required in this session are taught in the class warm-up and are similar to those of a regular CrossFit class. CrossFit has not only helped Mary lose over 50 lbs, but it has also helped her become a more-fit grandmother than she would have ever imagined.

    Mary is not the only success story of ReBoot at CrossFit Kaiju.

    We have countless individuals in our program that have been taken off medications for diabetes and/or heart medication that most, including their doctors, thought they would be on for the remainder of their lives.

    Happy Anniversary Mary.

    Not to be forgotten. Bob Anderson, Martha Whitecotton, and Jen Ziccardi all celebrating 1 successful year at CrossFit Kaiju.