• 6 Simple Signs of a Good CrossFit Gym

    Movement Coaching

    One of the biggest positives of working out at a CrossFit is the small group coaching, allowing for athletes to get individualized attention without having to pay as much money as hiring a personal trainer would cost. Therefore, going to a CrossFit box with coaches who understand how to effectively teach exercises should be the first thing you look for in a gym. When trying out new CrossFit boxes, pay attention to how much time coaches spend with each athlete and how meticulous they are with proper exercise performance. Good coaching will keep you safer and help you achieve your fitness goals sooner.

    Ability to Scale Programming

    Similar to having coaches that can effectively teach exercises, you want to go to a CrossFit gym that does a good job of appropriately scaling workouts. Scaling means to change the weight, intensity, exercise progression so that all athletes can get a good workout appropriate to their fitness level. Proper scaling ensures you get the best possible workout for yourself.

    Coaches that regularly check in on you

    At GOOD gyms, coaches regularly check in on you during your workouts – making sure you’re moving correctly, are using the right weight and providing tips on how to improve. A GREAT CrossFit box cares about its’ members fitness AND life as a whole though. These gyms ask about you, your family, interests, help you network and offer to help where they can for life in general.

    Cleanliness of the gym

    Cleanliness of the gym is a great sign of how much the owner and staff cares for their workplace. No dust bunnies, sweat or other general uncleanliness. Greg Glassman, the creator of CrossFit, takes this a step further saying that “the bathroom is a symbol of how much you care and how much pride you take in your business.”


    Perhaps the thing that draws people to CrossFit the most is its’ sense of community. People are tired of big box gyms with boring workouts and no interactions with other members. CrossFit’s workout style leads to great friendships between its’ members. A great CrossFit gym regularly hosts events and its’ members regularly spend time together outside of the gym.

    Different class offerings

    While not all gyms have the membership numbers to offer multiple class types, it is a big plus. Many gyms offer weekly classes on topics such as endurance, Olympic lifting, kettlebells, mobility, gymnastics, etc. These classes can be great ways for you to improve those specific skills or to participate more in those activities you enjoy most.